Oceans Lunn Ave

Shannon Refrigeration supplied and installed a Snowkey flake ice machine producing 500kg of high quality flake ice per day at Oceanz Seafood Lunn Ave store.

Oceanz Lunn Ave had experienced constant issues with their original commercial type ice machine. The ice was poor quality and the machine kept requiring constant service and expensive spare parts.

For this reason Oceans have invested in a new Snowkey industrial flake ice machine which will provide years of guaranteed ice production day after day.

The Snowkey flake ice machine was installed on a custom built galvanised frame inside the shop's storage chiller. Flake ice is discharged into a storage bin at ground level.

The unit's two fan air-cooled condenser has been installed on the building exterior roof.

Please contact Shannon Refrigeration to arrange to view one of our Snowkey demonstration flake ice machines or for an obligation free quotation.