Snapfresh Foods

Shannon Refrigeration designed and built a containerised low temperature water chiller for SnapFresh Foods Nelson production factory.

Shannon Refrigeration designed and built a custom low temperature water chiller to serve the SnapFresh Foods Nelson Factory.

The new chiller removes heat from in-coming mains supplied water at a temperature of 16-20 degrees centigrade to a supply temperature of 2 degrees centigrade for use inside the production facility.

Food grade glycol is used as the chilling medium for the mains supply water to remove the risk of refrigerant/oil contaminatin the process water in the event of a heat exchanger failure.

Chilled glycol is also circulated thru custom built stainless steel plate heat exchangers located in the production line to provide local process water chilling.

The compressor set, heat exchangers, chilled glycol buffer tank, pumps and control panel were installed inside a small continerised plant room which was lined with acoustic insulation to minimise noise generation.

An electronic expansion valve and large air-cooled condenser were also selected to maximise energy efficiency.

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