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Shannon Refrigeration successfully completed the refrigeration and ventilation upgrade project for Bidfood’s new meat processing facility in Auckland. Shannon Refrigeration’s successful tender bid was a complete in-house design & build project that has provided Bidfood with efficient, modern, reliable refrigeration and ventilation systems to serve their new processing facility.

A feature of the project was the successful design & installation of a stand-alone transcritical CO2 blast freezer which has provided reliable, efficient operation from commissioning. Project details included:

  • Blast Freezer operating on carbon dioxide in a transcritical configuration.
  • Coldstore operating on carbon dioxide in a sub-critical configuration
  • Supply and installation of medium temperature reticulated glycol system serving process chillers. RHOSS air-cooled glycol chiller with a capacity of 378 kW circulates chilled glycol to Comprex room evaporators via secondary pumps, glycol buffer tank and insulated pipework.
  • Supply and installation of ventilation plant to serve entire facility including PS1 producer statement of design for council consent.
  • Ice bank refrigeration system, dry cooler and all controls for Sou Vide processing line. Supply and installation of all electrical services and controls.

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